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Naturesoft is a GOTS certified producer of organic bedding and mainly manufactures beddings, blankets, and towels for their organic and sensible customers. Naturesoft is a one stop bedding solution for customers in a search for 100% GOTS certified cotton. We are serving our dearest customers for more than last 20 years and are renowned for our quality and reliability. We are the trustworthy producer of organic cotton as we produce organic clothing in its natural colors and provide our customers with most revitalizing and cozy sleep in a natural and pure organic sheets and comforters.

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Naturesoft offers variety in organic and natural beddings, blankets and towels keeping in view the changing and varying choices of our customers. Our aim is to craft a safe and healthy bedroom for our customers free from prone chemical beddings and sheets which may harm your skin and often affect your body through the chemicals and artificial dyes used therein the making.

Naturesoft Categories

Product Structure at Naturesoft:

We offer a variety of product under the category of beddings, blankets, and towels.  

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Organic Bath 

Organic Fitted sheets Organic Adult blankets Organic Washcloth
Organic Flat sheets Organic Baby blankets Organic Bath towel
Organic Pillow covers Organic Throws Organic Hand towel
Organic Cotton Sheet sets   Organic Pool towel
Organic Duvet covers   Organic Towel sets
Organic Mattress protectors   Organic Bedding Sale

The perks of Organic Natural Beddings

As an organic food is important and often recommended by nutritionists for good and healthy life, likewise experts now recommend the use of organic beddings and clothing. Un-organic and unnatural beddings seriously harm your skin due to the use of chemicals in the processes and use of artificial dyes which is seriously dangerous for you and your loved one’s health. Organic products especially clothing is beneficial for your skin as it contains natural fiber which eventually absorbs moisture from your skin which could be otherwise dangerous if not efficiently dried. Furthermore, chemicals used in the processes of un-organic clothing affect your body as the pesticides in them may lead your body to cause hormonal imbalance. Organic towels and linens prevent this serious problem as they are made from cotton which is destitute from toxic insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides. That is why we tell all the people to only buy organic products and make sure that your organic product is 100% organic because inorganic products having harmful chemicals and dyes in them which don’t wash away completely from the fabric and when it comes in contact with your skin it happens to be harmful and causes skin allergies. What is more dangerous that inorganic products? Products that are labeled 100% organic when they are not even organic, so always be careful from where you buy quietest garbage disposal reviews 2018 your organic products as many stores are involved in wrong labeling of inorganic products to make them organic and sell it to their customers for a higher price. Be sure to ask the representative about the quality and certification of authenticity of their organic product.

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Bath Towels

Organic Bath Towels


Organic Towels

Organic Pool/Beach Towel


Organic Towels

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Why choose Naturesoft for organic beddings, blankets, and towels We are committed to providing our customers with 100% organic cotton and natural bedding which comforts our customers and make them leads happier and healthier lives. We are a reliable manufacturer of organic clothing as we assure you with:
  • 100% GOTS Certified
  • Environmental friendly
  • Completely stink-free
  • Made in its natural color, no artificial colors added;
  • Soft and silky on your skins, no allergies or side effects;
  • Acquired toughest certifications which assure our authenticity;
  • Best prices guaranteed.

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