5 Tips on How to Choose Organic Sheets

Organic Sheets

Considering organic sheets will not only help to secure the environment but also bring positive changes to our health. People who have allergy issues will have significant advantages from the organic lifestyle. If you have decided on purchasing natural sheets, then you require to make good decisions regarding shopping. Natural, non-toxic chemicals, material grown from pesticides free farming is an absolute choice. Here you can find some tips on how to choose organic bedding.

Natural Fiber When acquiring organic sheets, always choose sheets manufacture from 100% natural fiber, such as cotton, linen, hemp, silk, organic latex, and eucalyptus. Furthermore, you can go for fabricated cellulose fiber such as bamboo, viscose. These materials can breathe, absorb moisture, soft to touch. Always remember to check before purchasing that these fiber materials are made from non-chemical substances. Furthermore, to verify the organic product’s authenticity, you can also check (Global Organic Textile Standard) GOTs Certification.

  • Non-Toxic Bedding

To purchase toxic-free bedding, ensure that you should concern about how the sheets are manufactured. Limitless chemicals are acquired to manufacture the yarn, finish the fabric usually. However, our health researchers, scientists are now nurturing important concerns regarding the dangerous, unfavorable effects on our health because of bedding sheets that are chemically processed. Don’t go for cotton sheets that categorize as wrinkle-free, easy-care, permanent press. It means that the material is fabricated with formaldehyde resin, which is an extremely toxic chemical and doesn’t leave even after washing the sheet.

  • Not Thread- Count

The number of horizontal and vertical threads in each square inch of woven fabric is known as thread count. Regardless of the famous scheme name as thread count, there is no such essential worth to a big thread-count sheet. What is a more considerable choice is the feel of the material, which does not rely on the thread-count but the uprightness of the yarn, weave, and the quality of the product that should be non-toxic, chemical-free, and the best choice for your home.

  • Selecting the Perfect One

The weave of the sheets must be chosen according to the weight, price, durability of the organic sheet. However, pick the right weave to have the best appearance and smoothness of your organic sheets. You should also consider the finish of your bedding sheets as the product’s continuation depends on its finish. Additionally, the wrinkling of the fabric differs depending on its finish. Therefore, to find the right sheet for your home, pick 100 percent cotton sheets like organic valley sheets because they are more resistant to dust, long-lasting fabric, economical to purchase out of all other material available in the market.

  • Luxurious Intermix

Your bedding should favor one of these significant weave types that are popular in the bedding industry. You have already known these fabrics, you will also recognize them immediately, but sometimes people don’t remember to explain the difference when discussing linen against bamboo. However, your topmost four weave priority should be percale, jersey, sateen, flannel. All these organic sheets have their individual qualities. Here are some features of these four weaves.


You don’t recognize the percale sheet right away from its covering, advertising because this kind of sheet is ‘normal’, you may find in a hotel. It is a cool, breathable, crisp sheet. Percale crispness is when you dry this sheet; it feels smooth on your skin. However, this sheet makes you want to iron them. Percale sheets are suitable for the summer weather when people prefer a more cozy bed because even with a smooth heat-resistant surface, this material is remarkably breathable. If you love sleeping with excellent soft, cool sheets with no friction at all, you should experience shopping for percale organic sheets from NatureSoft bedding.


Jersey sheets are the softest organic sheets you will ever experience to sleep on. These are the modest kind of sheets but also the most purchaser’s favorite material. When you sleep on jersey sheets, you may find it as the incredible stretchy-soft sheet material. But it is not about the material; it’s about the technique to weave the cotton to make it extra soft. Jersey sheets are also more breathable woven bedding comfort your skin has been looking for.


Sateen sheets are intertwined more tightly with a smooth shimmery texture. The technique to manufacture this organic sheet is to take organic cotton and mix sing on the power loom until they bind into a silk-like surface. It has more vertical threads than horizontal ones, making it a shimmery weave. Therefore, NatureSoft bedding offers to buy an exclusive sateen organic sheet for your home, even for your special occasions.


Flannel sheets are usually considered for winter weather as it is a much thicker weave, woolly in a way that makes them warmer than the others. Flannel is also a soft, breathable, warm sheet you will experience for cold-weather.

So which sheets you find your favorite one? You can have all these organic sheets from NatureSoft bedding that provides high-quality fiber made with 100% fine yarn at affordable prices.

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