Benefits of Organic Towels for a Healthy Skin

organic towels

Organic living is becoming a commonly accepted lifestyle that now most people correspond to the rapidly changing environment around the world. As a result, organic materials’ popularity is progressively arising and are ready to provide us with health benefits.

Many Homestore owners considering understanding the production and exportation importance of these organic towels that can allow them to maintain both health and artistic values.

A high-quality bath towel may be great for keeping you dry, but when you re-use and re-wash regularly, drying yourself ultimately comes associated with some ill-favoured results. From hand towels to bath towels, if you’re recently considering changing your bathroom linen, here are the following benefits you should know to switch to organic cotton bath towels.

Long-Running Towels

Certainly, you can use your bath towel a good three to four times before washing it, but the chemically manufactured fabrics destroy quicker after the wash. While organic cotton is the standard material used for natural towels, cotton products that grown organically cultivated and harvested cotton are treated at a plant and processed with such chemicals to ensure durability, many washing processes.

If you’re exhausted from purchasing and re-purchasing towels, then it’s time to consider cotton organic towels not just as an alternative but as a constant. The complete organic cotton towel manufacturing process allows cotton fibers to withhold their strength long-lasting.

Good For Your Skin

Have you ever experience that suddenly one morning, your face is prominently red, dry, itchy. Blame it on your towel! Traditional bath towels are manufactured with a variety of harmful chemicals that, over a while, can leave your skin disturbed, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from different allergies.

The natural fiber feels gentle on your skin, especially the face. They also provide comfort and enhance the artistic character of the bathroom interior. Dermatologists usually recommend it to their patients with skin allergies as they are entirely chemical-free, with no harmful dyes, damaging bleaches, and other hazardous synthetic materials.

Unlike synthetic towels, 100% organic cotton towels are exactly what they sound like ‘Pure Organic’. This means you won’t have to take stress about toxic, harmful chemicals and itchy fabrics damaging your skin. Additionally, organic cotton towels retain their natural values. Organic, non-chemically manufactured cotton is not only durable but also remains softer for a long time, keeping your skin soft, healthy, and happy.

Greener Home

If you are a fan of organic bedding that is treated with non-chemical materials. Your organic towels are also manufactured in much the same technique and processed with a similar process. However, every time you wrap a non-organic towel around your face, you’re taking in formaldehyde, insecticides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Yuck! If you’ve decided to switch to organic bedding, isn’t it about time to do so in other rooms? As it is the messy and second-most used space of your house (the first being the kitchen), the bathroom is the ultimate next stop on the path towards a greener home.

However, there are different kinds of organic cotton towels you may gain benefits from:


Hand-woven Collection

These organic towels are prepared using the old jacquard looms techniques to use vegetable dyes against chemical materials. This method makes the towels softer and better water-absorbent than usual ones. Additionally, you can find these towels in several elegant designs to enhance the choice of many purchasers.

Waffled Design

These lightweight natural towels are a kind of fabric that is usually manufactured with pure organic cotton yarns. The best thing about them is that they can absorb the excess water as quickly as they let go of it through evaporation.

Twilled Towels

They are twisted with diagonally twilled fabrics and without the use of any hazardous chemicals. These organic towels come in various rainbow colors such as red, pink, yellow, and blue. These towels have the features combine with all of the above.

Terry Apparel

These natural towels are another form of cotton towels prepared with long-lasting fibers and chemical-free materials while processed in tepid water to provide a rich feel to the whole fabric.

Cotton-bamboo Blend

To make it economical, these towels blend with organic cotton and bamboo make for a profitable choice. With the quality of firmness and lightweight, they leave a natural feel to the skin and last eternal. However, cotton-bamboo flexible features and amazing color combinations make them such a popular selection for the beach, pool, picnic, and spa.


In short, you can provide some charm to your bathroom décor with Naturesoft bedding organic towels that are comfortable, warm, soft, and gives an eternal experience. Our cotton is grown without any harmful chemicals, which makes it an eco-Friendly product. It’s breathable, hypoallergenic, it gets softer with every wash, and the durability is incredible! You’ll also experience that our towels are still better after a long-time.

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