The Connection Between Organic Bedding and Better Skin Health

Your body puts in a lot of effort for you while you sleep. The body and mind can recover from the day’s activities and re-energize during this period of necessary repairs. Potentially dangerous metabolic waste products are processed and eliminated from the blood, and essential proteins like hormones and antibodies are produced. Therefore, it is even more crucial to maintain a sleeping environment that is as favorable as possible for a restful and health-restoring night’s sleep & better for skin health. The actual bed linen we surround ourselves with each night is a frequently overlooked but essential part of this.

Utilizing “conventional” (non-Organic) bedding increases the body’s toxic load, which has a cumulative negative impact on our health. The good news is that by just converting to Organic bedding, you may take a significant step towards greater health, including immunological and respiratory function, clearer skin health, and an improved sense of well-being. In the modern world, many of us admit to feeling, at best, “half healthy.” Here are the following reasons we can connect Organic bedding with better skin health.



Organic Bedding for Good Skin Health

Surprisingly, the use of poisonous heavy metal ions, carcinogenic Azo dyes, formaldehyde, nanoparticles, and bleaches with chlorine as a primary ingredient is a common procedure in the creation and processing of conventional textiles. Be wary of bedding promises like “wrinkle-free,” “stain-resistant,” and “color-fast,” as these typically denote the inclusion of additional formaldehyde. In addition to being a potent skin irritant, formaldehyde also serves as a cross-linking agent, aiding in the bonding of other unsavory substances to textile fibers. Thankfully, none of these harmful substances are allowed in bedding that has been certified as Organic.

I want to emphasize that, unlike in food, the term “Organic” is not a protected phrase in the context of textiles. As a result, make sure your bedding has the GOTS Organic certification seal. The Global Organic Textile Standard, known as GOTS, is the industry benchmark for Organic certification in both textile cultivation and manufacturing. If these chemicals are present in sufficient quantities to cause harm, you might be concerned.

We spend about 8 hours a day in touch with our bedding, so even though they are present in very low amounts, it is important to keep this in mind. A recent 2018 scientific study showed appreciable textile pollutant adsorption in laboratory skin-like membranes (benzothiazole was studied).

At NatureSoft Bedding customers have told us that individuals with young children or those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema instantly sense the significant difference in their skin health (lack of) reaction to the toxic-free Organic bedding.

Better Quality Better Organic Sleep

We are all aware of the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for our well-being. We don’t typically think about how our bedding directly affects this. High-quality Organic bedding with a percale weave and made of natural fibers like cotton is very breathable. This enables us to keep our body temperatures stable throughout the night and promotes restful sleep.

Our bodies instinctively seek out natural solutions, and NatureSoft Bedding’s clients frequently comment on how different the Organic bedding is because it has no irritant chemicals, residues, or strange synthetic fibers.

For Breathing

Inhalation is another way that pollutants and byproducts from bedding, like VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds), can enter the body. Once more, the evidence is in the pudding—or, in the case of non-organic bedding, the chemical soup. NatureSoft Bedding has the most high-quality & comfortable Organic bedding that doesn’t irritate your lungs. It’s important to keep in mind that using non-Organic bedding can still have sneaky impacts on those of us who don’t have evident respiratory ailments. By the time we reach the age of 50, we will have spent nearly 17 of those years in bed, which is all that is necessary.

Dust mite allergies are one more potential problem. Natural fibers like wool, which are naturally hypoallergenic, are a great alternative to synthetic fibers (cue the chemicals) for resolving such problems. For an additional plush and soft feel, Organic cotton can be used to encase Organic wool pillows and duvets.

Don’t overlook the third of your life that you spend in bed while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise are essential. Utilizing Organic bedding free of toxins can considerably help one live a balanced and healthy life free from respiratory and skin problems. Even better, you can complete it while you’re asleep!

However, this Summer season you also need bedding for better skin health that gives you the most comfortable & cool vibes while you spend your quality time after having a sweaty hectic day. NatureSoft Bedding Organic bedding products are naturally breathable material that is good for skin health & also helps you to regulate & sleep comfortably. The best news is that you can shop for our products while getting the best deals! Save the most you can.

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