Why is Organic Cotton Better?

Organic Cotton

Do you know what is an unhealthy crop on the planet? You may be wearing it. Cotton is one of the top four crops in the world, with a production rate of 25 million tonnes per year, and over 95% of worldwide cotton production is GMO and/or conventionally cultivated.

Cotton has gained the title of “dirtiest crop” due to the use of some of the most harmful pesticides, such as Bayer’s aldicarb, which was banned in the United States in 2010 but was reapproved by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2016.

These hazardous and harmful chemicals used in the cotton manufacturing process infect waterways, the products, and make our farmworkers’ health at risk.

Cotton is utilized in a variety of applications, including clothing, beds, towels, and other textiles. Cottonseed oil and other cotton waste products can also be found in a wide range of processed meals.

Consumers should be just as concerned about consuming conventional cotton as they should be about wearing it (or drying off with it or sleeping on it).

What’s the easiest approach to stay away from conventional cotton textiles? You should go for Organically Certified Products. Here you’ll find some of the advantages of purchasing Organic Cotton clothing, bedding, and other products.


Microfiber pollution should be avoided in the oceans.

In manufacturing clothing products conventional cotton is usually mixed with synthetic fibers results in these synthetic fibers being scattered into our waterways as microfibers.

According to research, 1.7 million tonnes of microfibers are dumped into the ocean each year, risking our marine species lives, and coral reef ecosystems.

If you want to help in solving this environmental problem, synthetic materials should be avoided at all costs, especially cotton blends. Instead, use 100% pure and organic clothes and linens.


Save the global water usage and energy resources.

Usually, 1,800 gallons of water are required to manufacture enough cotton for a pair of jeans. Cotton production, with its high water demands, has aided in the draining of the Aral Sea in Central Asia.

Nowadays people are moving towards organic products having little influence on the environment. The environmental impact of organic materials is greatly minimized. An amazing fact is organic cotton requires 71% less water and 62% less energy to produce than regular cotton.


Reduce your exposure to pesticides and insecticides that are harmful to your health.

Cotton that has been genetically modified and farmed conventionally is one of the most hazardous crops on the planet. Although it only accounts for 2.5% of worldwide agriculture, it uses up to 25% of the world’s insecticides.

Organic cotton growers employ only organically approved fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides generated from plants, animals, and minerals to keep pests and illnesses at bay. This production also lowers the risk of developing health problems, reducing pollution levels, and protecting our farm workers.


Harsh chemicals used in cotton production.

Depending on where the clothes are made and what characteristics the producer wants to achieve, traditional cotton clothing is made with a variety of dangerous chemicals.

Chlorine bleach, ammonia, heavy metals, and phthalates, an endocrine disruptor, Azo-aniline dyes, are among the other chemicals utilized in the making of traditional cotton clothes. These colors can irritate your skin in a variety of ways, especially where your skin rubs against the fabric.

Organic products do not use any of these chemicals to provide long-lasting color, instead of relying on low-impact and fiber-reactive dyes.


Assist cotton farmers in obtaining improved working conditions.

Human rights violations have been related to the conventional cotton business. Workers do not have access to safety equipment or a safe drinking water supply. Purchasing organic cotton goods helps cotton farmers work in safer settings by reducing their exposure to hazardous pesticides.


Increase your sense of well-being!

Choosing organic cotton products gives you peace of mind, knowing that the items you wear and use are free of harmful chemicals, making the environment safe for you and everyone else. It ensures that you are not contributing to human rights violations.

When you start purchasing organic products, you may feel good about using your purchasing power to make a difference. This will give immense support to the organic cotton industry, encourage other businesses and manufacturers to adapt and embrace a more eco-friendly supply chain.


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