How to Mix & Match Bedding and Refresh Your Bedroom!

Classic & Traditional

Essentials for a Simple Living

Your house serves as a haven and a source of comfort, but nowhere is more so than the bedroom! Our favorite part of styling is making the bed! From selecting the ideal bedding collections, especially Organic comforter sets, bed sets, and mattresses to opulent shams and the nicest sheets, bedding completely changes the appearance of a bedroom!

NatureSoft Bedding provides everything you need for mix & match bedding, including Organic pillow covers, Organic blankets, Organic cotton sheet sets, Organic duvet covers, and more, to outfit your bed for a restful night’s sleep! Do you want to know how to make the bed of your dreams and the trick to a perfectly made bed? These are our top suggestions for mix & match turning your bedding design become the room’s main attraction.


Simple, traditional, fresh, and all-white bedding is a timeless choice. All you need to create a bed you can come home to and relax on is a basic, fluffy white duvet cover and matching shams. White bedding goes well with any bedroom style to create a timeless appearance, regardless of the color palette you have chosen for the space. This is the look for you if you’re searching for the perfect mix & match bedding that one adaptable piece that will grow with you throughout time!

With a mix & match of romantic ruffles, sophisticated embroidery, and clean lines, all-white bedding doesn’t have to be dull. This bedding will always keep your room feeling light and airy.

The easiest approach to make your bedding design shine and alter with the seasons is to start with a base of white linens and add in a few earthy and off-white/beige tones. Layering is important when creating an all-white bedding look. Because white is such a flexible color, white items from various collections or even brands will always match, regardless of changes in textures, patterns, and materials!

Layer in Luxury & Climate

Mix and Match this Season

In addition to finishing the appearance, layers are crucial for providing you with warmth and comfort. Choosing the right material for your area and environment can be challenging, though, because there are so many variations in thread counts for bedding fabrics (such as Organic cotton)!


Fortunately, NatureSoft Bedding has assembled the components to mix & match bedding in every season and environment! Start layering Organic cotton sheets for the colder, winter nights since their high thread count and luxurious weave provide them a plush appearance and a warm, inviting feel.

To add extra warmth during the night, add coverlets and duvets made of flannel, sateen, or percale. Place an Organic throw blanket made of wool or fur at the foot of the bed for further warmth on very cold evenings. The seasons of autumn and spring are characterized by constantly shifting temperatures—one day they may be pleasant, the next freezing! Layer your bed in preparation for this climate to stay both warm and cool!

The finest fabrics to wear in these temps are NatureSoft bedding sateen or percale since they will keep you cozy and toasty. You need the bedding to keep you cool if you’re always feeling hot! Soft percale sheets make up the bottom layer of the bed, and a lightweight linen blanket reserved for chilly mornings is placed on top.

Patterned and Pretty

Cozy Bed that Reflects Personality & Style

Choose a pattern to serve as the main focal point of your bedding design to make it a little more eye-catching, regardless of your preference for a strong or subtle haven. Scale, color, and proportion are three essential considerations when combining patterns like an expert.

Make sure to incorporate a variety of scales when choosing your patterns. For example, you may generate drama by combining a huge Damask print with small stripes without letting the patterns compete for attention.

Not to mention that the assortment and diversity of designs are visually appealing. We advise beginning with the fundamentals before combining different patterns. Once you’ve chosen your highlight designs, make sure the colors work together by selecting patterns with complementary hues.

Use your creativity to combine the color schemes. To finish, stack your designs and staples to create a peaceful haven! Are you feeling brave? Feel free to experiment mix & match bedding with the texture in this design to create an interesting and enjoyable combination. For a dreamy textural blend, layer quilts with cushions made of velvet and soft cotton.

Spring is the ideal season to add a few extra layers of coziness to your bedding and switch it up to mix & match Organic bedding to enhance your bedroom. It’s just one more tiny step towards building a house you’ll adore. Therefore, Naturesoft bedding has amazing discount offers. You can get 25% OFF Sitewide on Organic bedding products including FREE SHIPPING on orders $199 or more.
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