Why NatureSoft’s Organic Bedding could make your sleep better than before!

What does your ideal, incredibly cozy bed feel like in your mind? For me, it’s soft and cloud-like, but not so soft that when I lie down, it feels like I’m sinking into a bottomless foam pit—and the sheets are like a warm, comforting hug.

When I first acquired the bedding, which I’ve owned for a few years, it covered all those points. Its plushness has begun to fade after many sleepless nights, and my body has left an imprint on the top of the pillow, causing me to reflexively roll to the middle when I go to bed. What about my sheets? Let’s just say that after numerous washes, they haven’t held up that well.

As I started researching alternatives, it occurred to me that, how frequently I faceplant on my mattress, I would want to be as aware of the ingredients in it as I am of the foods I keep in my refrigerator.

The truth is that conventional bedding is frequently treated with chemical flame-retardants and composed of materials that can release volatile Organic compounds. Considering that most people spend a third of their lives asleep, these are not things I want in my bedroom. Furthermore, most bedding and sheets are not Organic.


I discovered the new bedding that is available at NatureSoft Bedding and decided to completely change my bedding to Organic bedding because it is made of sustainable and Organic materials and is devoid of all the potentially dangerous chemicals and dyes I was trying to avoid.

The Organic mattress was the first thing I changed in my Organic bedroom makeover. I was surprised to see a queen-sized bed inside a minuscule box when it was delivered to my house from NatureSoft Bedding. As expected, however, it unfolded to reveal the most luxuriously soft mattress I had ever slept on. After I put the sheets, pillows, and duvet in my bedroom, it looked and felt like a beautiful hotel room.

You know the sensation you get before going to bed on vacation and knowing you’re going to have an amazing sleep? I felt that way the first night I slept in my Organic bedding. The temperature-regulating wool outer layer of the mattress also prevented me from ever waking up sweating in the middle of the night, even with the heavier duvet and sheets than the thin ones I was using previously.

What makes the sheets the best? The sheets were softer every time I cleaned them since the Organic cotton’s fibers kept expanding after each wash, which encouraged me to remember to do laundry on time.

My investigation into the advantages of Organic bedding also made me consider other, less evident aspects of my life, such as my wardrobe and coffee consumption, where I might want to make more sustainable decisions. Changing to a better sleeping arrangement didn’t transform me into a different person though each blissful night of sleep did but it did encourage me to be more conscious of my environmental effect. I simply needed to go to bed.

Did you know that your sleeping temperature has a big impact on how well you sleep? You should give careful consideration to the quality of your bedding if you’re hoping to acquire some quality time on your bed.

We here at NatureSoft Bedding value sleep greatly. Because of this, we have a strong desire to source and create the most opulent, morally driven, and 100% GOTS-certified Organic bedding.

It works best, in our opinion, when used as a layer ideally untucked between you and the duvet. This lessens the need to wash the duvet cover as frequently and also helps you maintain a comfortable temperature at night. Nothing compares to the sensation of freshly laundered linens, and switching out a flat sheet is far simpler than constantly battling with a duvet cover!

A healthy thermoregulation system is also essential to good sleep. The flat sheet helps your body adjust to a drop in ambient temperature instead of waking you up from a deep slumber or making you cold when you remove the duvet on the hottest nights. Try placing a 100% wool blanket or 100% Organic cotton duvet cover on top of a breathable 100% Organic cotton flat sheet as the nights grow warmer. Surely your sleep quality will be directly impacted.

NatureSoft’s Organic bedding, which includes Organic pillowcases, duvet covers, mattresses, cotton sheets, blankets, and fitted and flat sheets, is made with a restful night’s sleep in mind. We are quite proud of the feedback we get from our current clients on our Organic bedding, many of whom are already reporting improved sleep quality. This blooming season you can also enjoy NatureSoft bedding Spring Sales.

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